“ROLL with it” is out on Amazon!

Six years ago (while taking a shower!), I came up with an idea for reminding myself how to live a happy life — I would ROLL with it!

“Rolling with it” means to go with the flow, take whatever comes your way, and just live a happy life. R.O.L.L. stands for “Respect” (self and others), keep an “Open mind”, “Listen” and “Learn”.  

Now, six years after coming up with the idea, I’ve written a story featuring three adorable bears (Panda Bear, Moon Bear and Polar Bear) to introduce the concept to young children and help moms and dads spark discussions and instil these concepts at an early age.  You can find my author page and details of the book here on Amazon:

Screenshot 2019-03-25 at 11.11.13 AM

I’m working on the second and third stories now and can’t wait to share them with you all! 

Thanks so much for the support and here’s to “rolling with it!” each and every day!

Happy living,

Sue Marguerite