Hello and welcome to my blog!

I started this blog in February and then after two blogs, a sharply-worded (yet spot-on) reply from a reader, and a near soul-destroying encounter with immoral, lying parents who used their kids to get ahead (to nowhere in the end), I let it languish…until yesterday when I thought about it again.

What was I really trying to say?  How was I trying to say it?  Nothing I had written really felt like ‘me’.  It felt like ‘me’ trying to counsel ‘me’.  Which isn’t a bad thing, I know, but again, it didn’t feel like ‘me’.  Could be the picture.  I mean, I like the picture, but I felt like I had to write something to match the picture, and in the end it just didn’t feel right.

So now after four months, I’m having another go.  Keeping the picture, changing the words.

So I guess this is the page where I’m supposed to tell you something about myself.  I guess I could begin with the fact that I’m a bumbler.  A bumbler who when walking with friends doesn’t walk in a straight line but rather enjoys bumping lightly against the person I’m walking next to.  I occasionally (OK, often) put my foot in my mouth and it’s a challenge sometimes for me to say what I want to say because I just have so much to say, can think of so many ways to say it, and am so darn worried about what other people will think of what I’m saying and how they will interpret it.

I’m a wanderer, never sticking to one thing or one project. I thrive on compromise, can’t keep secrets, am too honest, and would be the first one to give away the castle to the first beggar who comes asking.  If I were in school these days, I’d be tagged straight away as ADHD or ADD or whatever the latest flavor-of-the-month acronym for “wandering geniuses” who as cools would say “are worse than any fool with a plan”.

I guess that’s one thing that was bothering me about this blog.  I was trying just one way to say what I wanted to say and I felt constrained.  I love freedom; hate restrictions.  But I do need a plan, and I don’t want to be a fool.  Mmmmm….I just need a super-flexible plan.

From now on, I’m going to write what I want to write and how I want to write it. It may be agony (hopefully only at first) to put in writing what could be interpreted in ways other than what I intend, but I’ll be sincerely hoping you like what you read.  Yes, think of Sally Field the year she won the Oscar and you’ll have a pretty good picture of me.

Susan D.



4 Responses

  1. I can definitely relate!

  2. I found your blog through Elle and love your about page – following 😉

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